About Extra Armour

Are you familiar with that feeling, when you have a fantastic idea for a conversion, or you’re building your stock kit and it just doesn’t quite line up with the rest of your army?

It’s frustrating, no doubt. Sometimes not even the conversion parts sites you know have quite what you want or aren’t quite up to the standard you want for your army… well that’s exactly how I felt. No matter where I went, I couldn’t get parts for my models in the style and quality I wanted. So, I did the only thing that seemed reasonable, whipped out pen, paper and a micrometer and designed my own.

The product line of Extra Armour is rather narrow, you might think. Certainly it is at the time of writing this. The simply matter is, I design the kits I want for my own armies. The realities of production costs means the only way to make this financially viable is to produce far more than I could ever need and recoup that cost through sales.

I am passionate about the kits I design and I hope this translates over to the product you receive. They should fit well and blend with the aesthetic of our favourite wargames. I can’t decide which is the better feeling, seeing a model I’ve finished with kits I’ve designed myself, or seeing someone else who’s produced a fantastic model with those same parts.

“Best thing I have ever purchased”

Andy Wardle, customer

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