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When, or will you release [something] for my [model]?

The kits on Extra Armour have been designed initially, to fulfil a need in my own army. To make them financially viable to produce, they are cast in large quantities and the excess sold on. This means new products are designed when there’s something else I need for my army! It’s unlikely that requests for specific parts will be fulfilled, unless it’s likely that such a piece or kit would have a wide market. You’re welcome to get in touch and ask. You never know, it might already be being worked on!

You’re out of stock. When will you have more?

Extra Armour is a fairly small enterprise, but nevertheless, has kits which prove to be quite popular. Supplying the demand can be challenging and there will be times when stock of certain items runs out. Stock levels of each kit are shown on the product page of each item. The expected date of restocking will be displayed on the product pages also when this is known. Typically stock is added to every 4-6 weeks.

It is possible to place a back order (or pre-order) when this option is made available on specific products. This will typically be available when new stock is imminent or shortly before a new product is launched. Placing a pre-order will ensure your kits are posted out as soon as new stock is available.

I’ve placed a pre-order. When will I get my models?

In the event an item is out of stock and you have chosen to back-order the item, all items which are part of this order will be held ready until the order can be completed. In the event of an unusual delay, Extra Armour will contact you.

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