Explorator Tracks


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Explorator Tracks

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These 10mm wide tracks will look great on many vehicles but fit best and look particularly good on the model shown. If you want a consistent retro sci-fi look across your army, these are the tracks for you!

Plastic models shown for illustrative purposes only, and are not included.

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This set comprises:

1x Left side 14-link section
2x Left side 3-link section
2x Left side 2-link section
2x Left side single links
1x Right side 14-link section
2x Right side 3-link section
2x right side 2-link section
2x Right side single links

This upgrade kit is cast in resin and may require some cleanup work.

Additional information

Weight 6 g
Dimensions 9 × 6 × 1 cm

2 reviews for Explorator Tracks

  1. nedaroony (verified owner)

    Fantastic kit, great casting and sent in a very secure package. Will order again in future. A++++

  2. talk (verified owner)

    The detailing on these are great with flawless casts. This is a really great kit, and in my mind a must for every Chaos Rhino out there that doesn’t want to be crawling with loyalist Aquilla symbols all over their caterpillar plates. Very happy.

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